Participants Info

Name Ting Li, Yao Sun
Institute SKLOIS, Institute of Information Engineering, CAS

Submission Details

Date 2023/08/22
Type V
Number of variables (n) 30
Number of equationes (m) 20
Seed (0,1,2,3,4) 0
Algorithm Improved F4 algorithm for similar polynomial systems
Hardware 1 x AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X, 192GB RAM, 2 x GeForce RTX 3080Ti
Running Time 21.72 days (Total wall-clock time)
Answer v=[v1,…,vn] in Fn [d9, b7, 26, 64, 9b, ea, 0c, 09, a2, 4b, d1, 64, e9, 9e, 86, 1d, 0f, d7, 9b, 1e, 17, 77, 2a, 6d, 49, 09, c0, 95, 3d, 86]
Notes We guessed 11 variables and ran 2 simultaneous processes with 1 thread each. A solution was found after solving 245 subsystems. The average wall-clock time for solving one subsystem is 15319 seconds. Our improved F4 algorithm takes advantage of more memory and the sparsity of matrices when eliminating matrices. Besides, the elimination is effectively accelerated by GPUs. Thus, our improved F4 algorithm achieves better performance than M4GB.